2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Feb 26, 2024  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education and Teaching, BS

This degree program prepares students seeking Elementary (Pk-6) teaching licensure . In addition to the multi-disciplinary Civitae Core requirements, Elementary Education and Teaching students take advanced courses in English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Fine Arts, and Kinesiology.   All the teacher-licensure concentrations include a professional component comprised of an array of methods classes, Practica, Partnership and Student Teaching.

Civitae Core Requirements (39-40 Credits)

Civitae Core  

Elementary Education and Teaching majors must take the following courses to satisfy the Civitae Core requirements listed below. If a Civitae Core requirement is not listed below, majors can satisfy those with any of the choices listed in the Civitae Core options.

Pillar Courses

Historical and Contemporary Insights - HIST 221  or HIST 222  

Human Behavior and Social Institutions - EDUC 245  

Quantitative Reasoning - MATH 135  

Scientific Reasoning - BIOL 114  


Perspectives Course

SOCL 320  Sociology of Education can count as an additional program requirement below.

Additional Degree Requirement (3 credits)

MATH 310 - Probability, Statistics, and Programming  

Mathematics (6 credits + 3 credits in Civitae)

Natural Science (8 credits + 3 in Civitae)

Social Science (9 credits + 3 credits in Civitae)

Additional Program Requirements (3 credits)

Students should take three credits of the following courses:

Students may need to take 2-3 additional elective credits to fulfill degree requirements

Professional Requirements for Elementary Education Licensure

Practicum Integration Semester (7 credits)

These courses are taken the semester prior to Partnership.

In order to advance to partnership semester, students must earn a B- or better in EDUC 310, EDUC 361, and EDUC 380. Any student receiving licensure in Elementrary Education may repeat EDUC 310, EDUC 361, and EDUC 380 only once if the student is unsuccessful due to insufficient academic performance.

Partnership Semester (12 credits)

These courses MUST be taken together during the semester prior to Student Teaching.

Any student receiving licensure in Elementary education may repeat Partnership courses (EDUC 423, 433, 461, and 467)  only once if the student is unsuccessful due to insufficient academic performance. In order to be successful in the Partnership semester, students must have B- or better in each Partnership course.

Student Teaching Semester (12 credits)

Note: Passing scores on Praxis II, VCLA, and RVE are required prior to beginning student teaching.

Total Credits: 120-121