2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Requirements

Graduation Requirements 

Longwood University awards the Bachelor’s degree to students who have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Completion of all study required in one of the six degree programs offered. (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Bachelor of Music).
  2. Completion of the Civitae Core Curriculum, and Additional Degree Requirements.
  3. Completion of 120 semester hours of credit for graduation in major programs unless otherwise noted for a major degree program.
  4. A minimum average of C (grade point average of 2.0) on all work taken at Longwood and a minimum average of C (grade point average of 2.0) in those courses constituting the major subjects or field. These are minimum requirements; some programs may require higher levels of achievement. By definition, the major subject or field consists of all courses listed as “major requirements” in the major program curriculum plus all additional courses taken in the same discipline as the major, except those courses which may be specifically excluded by the major department. Students choosing to minor in a field of study must have a 2.0 GPA in courses in that field of study.
  5. A minimum of 25 percent of the degree credit must be earned at Longwood University.
  6. At least 30 credit hours at the upper level must be earned at Longwood University. (Exceptions: A. Biology majors with a concentration in Clinical Lab Sciences who take 300-400 level courses at affiliated institutions will be allowed to count that course work toward fulfilling the 30 hours upper-level graduation requirement; B. students who participate in international exchange programs may request an exception to the 30 hour upper-level graduation requirement. Exceptions must be approved in writing by the student’s college dean prior to the study abroad.)
  7. Approval of the individual by the general faculty as a candidate for graduation.
  8. A formal Application for Degree. File an application for degree in the Office of the Registrar prior to the anticipated completion of 75 credit hours. Transfer credit is included in the calculation of credit hours completed.  A registration hold will be placed on a student’s record prior to open registration during the term a student is anticipated to complete more than 75 credit hours if an Application for Degree has not been submitted.

The Longwood University Civitae Core Curriculum

The Civitae Core Curriculum experience, combined with students’ disciplinary study in the major, fulfills Longwood’s institutional mission to develop citizen leaders. A citizen leader is someone who is academically and personally transformed by knowledge of fundamental modes of inquiry and informed civic engagement and who then applies the virtues of a Longwood education to serve and transform communities.

The Civitae Core Curriculum affords an extensive, intellectual vision for every Longwood graduate. Foundations courses that span the liberal arts and sciences - with a focus on effective communication, fundamental knowledge, and informed citizenship - formed the pillars of the curriculum, providing each student with the broad horizons and scholarly curiosity characteristic of all educated citizens. Perspectives courses, which build upon the Foundations, are a series of visionary, integrative experiences that offer up-to-date, practical lenses facilitating more nimble, reflective thinking. The Civitae curriculum culminates in a Symposium on the Common Good that asks students to reflect upon and activate the skills and perspectives developed throughout their undergraduate career.  Through the Civitae Core, every Longwood student develops the imagination, forethought, discipline, confidence, and empathy required to make positive contributions to society. A total of 39-40 credit hours is required for the Civitae Core Curriculum program (see the Civitae Core section of the catalog for a complete description). Students may take more than the required 39-40 credits as part of the Civitae Core, either because of major requirements or student choice. In such cases, the additional credits will be included in the credit totals for major requirements or general electives, respectively.

Civitae Core   

Additional Requirements for Specific Degrees

In addition to the 39-40 hours of core courses required for the Civitae Core Curriculum, students must fulfill the following requirements for specific degrees:

Bachelor of Arts Degree - one course in Humanities or Foreign Language

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - one course in Humanities, Foreign Language, or Social Science

Bachelor of Science Degree - one course in Computer Science, Mathematics, Natural Science, or Social Science

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree - one course in Mathematics or Natural Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree - one course in Natural Sciences or Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Music Degree - one course in Humanities

The following disciplines fall within the categories of Humanities or Social Sciences:

Humanities Social Sciences Natural Sciences  
Art Anthropology Biology
Communication Studies Economics Chemistry
Dance Geography Earth Science
English History Environmental Science
Modern Language Political Science Physics
Music Psychology  
Philosophy Sociology  
Religion Criminology  


Graduation Requirements for Second Baccalaureate Degree Students

  1. Complete all coursework required by the second program to earn the degree specified for that program. At least 30 hours for the second degree must be completed at Longwood.
  2. All Civitae Core Curriculum requirements are met by the first baccalaureate degree. Additional degree requirements are met by the first degree where applicable.
  3. Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average cumulatively and in the major unless a higher minimum grade point average is specified for a particular major.

Admissions requirements can be found at Undergraduate Admissions  

Major Program Requirements

The specific major requirements of individual disciplines are listed separately in the Academic Programs section of this catalog. Students under older general education requirements in previous catalogs are also required to take certain writing and speaking intensive courses. Please refer to older catalogs for requirements.

Grade Level Progression

Freshman 1-24 credit hours
Sophomore 25-55 credit hours
Junior 56-88 credit hours
Senior 89+ credit hours


It is solely the responsibility of the candidate for graduation to meet all of the above requirements, including the completion of 120 semester hours, unless otherwise noted for that major degree program.


Diplomas will be mailed to students who have graduated within approximately eight weeks of commencement.

Commencement Participation

Students who have registered for courses which, if successfully completed, will allow them to graduate by December of a given calendar year, may participate in the May commencement ceremony of that calendar year. To have their name appear in the commencement program, a student’s Commencement Participation Application must be received by the Office of the Registrar no later than 5pm on April 10.  No student may participate in multiple commencement ceremonies for the same degree.

Graduation Honors

Those students who have earned 57 or more hours at Longwood and whose general averages for all Longwood credits offered for a degree are 3.35 or above are graduated with the following honors:

Cum Laude - 3.35-3.54
Magna Cum Laude - 3.55-3.74
Summa Cum Laude - 3.75-4.00

Longwood also recognizes graduating seniors who have successfully completed an honors program in a specialized academic area.