2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Mar 24, 2023  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Visual and Performing Arts, BA; Music Concentration - Piano Pedagogy Emphasis

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(Applied Area: Piano)

The degree Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts with a Concentration in Music and Emphasis in Piano Pedagogy offers students with strong performance skills the opportunity to apply those skills to teaching applied piano in individual and group settings. Elective Education and Business courses supplement a core music curriculum that fosters growth in areas of performance, music theory, music literature, and music education. Students who complete this degree program will be well equipped to perform in varied settings; establish independent teaching studios; teach piano in community music and preparatory schools; and pursue graduate studies in piano pedagogy or performance. One half-recital is required as a component of MUSC 483 .

Civitae Core Requirements (39-40 credits)


Music majors concentrating in Piano Pedagogy may count Civitae Core courses satisfying major requirements as also satisfying their respective Civitae Core requirements, up to two Pillar courses and one Perspectives course.  The following are the courses in this major that may be used in this way:

  • FINA 250  is required to be taken for the Quantitative Reasoning Pillar requirement
  • PSYC 101  is required to be taken for the Scientific Reasoning Pillar requirement
  • MUSC 331  is required to be taken for the Aesthetic Expression Perspectives requirement

Courses satisfying major requirements that are designated as Civitae Core courses subsequent to the print deadline of this Catalog will not appear in the above listings but will be eligible to also satisfy Civitae Core requirements, subject to the same rules as the others.  (If doing so would otherwise decrease the total credits required for the degree below 120, General Elective credit must be substituted to restore the total.)


Additional Degree Requirements (3 credits)

  • Additional Degree Requirements in the Humanities 3 credits not in the discipline of music

Music Concentration Requirements (46-49 credits)

(3 credits included in Civitae Core)

*May be waived from MUSC 163 , MUSC 164  and MUSC 263  by passing the Piano Proficiency - not required of keyboard primary

Ensembles (7 credits)

Applied Primary (14 credits)

Other Requirements (3 credits)

(plus 6 credits counted in Civitae Curriculum)

General Electives (13-17credits)

Total Credits Required

  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts with a Concentration in Music, Emphasis in Piano Pedagogy 120

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