2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 27, 2024  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual-Degree Engineering Concentration (56 credits)


Dual-degree Engineering Program

BS in Physics Granted by Longwood and a second degree:

BS Degree in Engineering Granted by Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University or Old Dominion University

Students in the Dual-Degree Engineering Concentration attend Longwood for the first three years to complete courses for Civitae, additional degree requirements, and program concentration requirements listed above. The student’s work in these three years will also fulfill the requirements of the first two years of the BS degree at ODU and Virginia Tech. At the beginning of the fourth year, provided the appropriate academic requirements have been met (see following note), the student transfers to the second institution and takes appropriate engineering courses as designated by the adviser at the second institution. When the necessary Longwood requirements are taken at the second institution and the credit hours are transferred back, the student will be awarded the BS degree in Physics from Longwood. When all prescribed courses are fulfilled at the second institution, the student is awarded the second degree by that institution. Normally, in roughly a five-year period, the student receives two degrees, one from each institution.

The course requirements for the Dual-Degree Engineering Program are very similar to Longwood’s Physics major for the first 3 years, except for CHEM 112 and the specific electives below:

Recommended Electives:

Virginia Tech

Additional Information

During the summer between either the student’s first and second year or the second and third year at Longwood University, she/he should attend Virginia Tech as a special summer student and take the introductory engineering courses required of engineering students at Virginia Tech. These are:

  • ENGE 1024 - Engineering Exploration
  • ENGE 1104 - Exploration of the Digital Future (Required for CPE and EE)
  • ENGE 1114 - Exploration of Engineering Design (Required for AE, ME, OE and recommended for all other majors)

    These courses may also be completed at another, pre-approved institution, including some schools in the Virginia Community College System.

NOTE: 120 hours are required for graduation from Longwood with a cumulative average of 2.0 and with no grade below C- in a physics course. General elective hours for the Longwood physics requirements that are not fulfilled at the time of transfer will be taken at the second institution. Longwood will award transfer credit for courses passed with grades of C or above at the second institution.

The Old Dominion University BS program will only accept certain Longwood General Education courses for transfer. Students electing this option should see their academic advisor for details.

For Virginia Tech a student must have a 3.25 academic average at Longwood (both overall and in mathematics and physics) to be eligible for transfer.

For transfer to Virginia Tech, all coursework listed under Civitae requirements, additional degree requirements, and major requirements for this concentration of the Longwood physics degree must be completed at Longwood before transfer. Under the ODU agreement some of this coursework may be taken at the second institution with prior permission of authorities at both institutions.

Physics/Engineering Program with the University of Virginia

Students in the Physics/Engineering program may, after completing 60 hours at Longwood University as an undergraduate physics student, apply to the University of Virginia as a non-degree seeking undergraduate student and take undergraduate engineering courses from UVA. These courses count as elective hours in the Longwood physics degree and also prepare the student for a successful application to the chosen graduate engineering program. After completion of the Longwood B.S. in Physics, students may then apply for admission to UVA’s master’s degree program.