2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Mar 24, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Anthropology and Archaeology, BA or BS

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Anthropology focuses on the cultural, social, and biological diversity of human groups in the present, historic, and prehistoric past. This great diversity is examined through the study of patterns of culture, social behavior, language structure, archaeological artifacts, and evolution.

The objective of the anthropology and archaeology major is to prepare students for careers in business and industry, government, and human service. Additionally, the major is appropriate preparation for graduate study in anthropology or other social sciences.

The objective of the minor in anthropology and archaeology is to acquaint the student with the discipline and to survey the techniques of research used in physical anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, and social cultural anthropology. Research methods, critical thinking, oral and written communication are emphasized. The minor is intended to enhance career possibilities.

Current Longwood students with a GPA below 2.00 will not be accepted as Anthropology and Archaeology majors. Students may reapply after their GPA has increased to 2.00.

Civitae Core Requirement (39-40 credits)

Civitae Core Curriculum  

Anthropology majors may count Civitae Core courses satisfying major requirements as also satisfying their respective Civitae Core requirements, up to two Pillar courses and one Perspectives course.  The following are the courses in this major that may be used in this way:

Anthropology Majors are required to take ANTH 200  , which fulfills the Historical and Contemporary Insights pillar Core Foundation requirement.

Anthropology Majors are required to take ANTH 202  , which fulfills the Scientific Reasoning pillar Core Foundation requirement.

Courses satisfying major requirements that are designated as Civitae Core courses subsequent to the print deadline of this Catalog will not appear in the above listings but will be eligible to also satisfy Civitae Core requirements, subject to the same rules as the others.  (If doing so would otherwise decrease the total credits required for the degree below 120, General Elective credit must be substituted to restore the total.)  

Additional Degree Requirements

Additional Degree Requirements for BA 3 credits

Additional Degree Requirements for BS 3-4 credits

No grade below C- is accepted for graduation in major course work.

General Electives

General Electives for BA Degree (Archaeology concentration) 37-38 credits

General Electives for BS Degree (Archaeology concentration) 36-38 credits

General Electives for BA Degree (no concentration) 47-48 credits

General Electives for BS Degree (no concentration) 46-48 credits

Total Credits Required

BA or BS in Anthropology and Archaeology 120

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