2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2024  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy

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David J. Coles, Chair
Linda Sauvé, Administrative Assistant

The Department of History, Political Science and Philosophy offers major programs culminating in the Bachelor of Arts for History majors and either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science for Political Science majors. History majors may elect the optional concentration in public history, and majors in both fields who are interested in careers in the law may choose the optional pre-law concentrations. Political Science majors may also pursue the optional global politics concentration. Minor programs in history, political science, philosophy, and leadership studies are open to all students.

For students who wish to teach at the secondary school level, the Department offers a concentration in Teacher Preparation in History and the Social Sciences. Our program meets all Collegiate Professional licensure requirements for teaching in Virginia. Additional requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program are cited elsewhere in this catalog.

The Department requires Internships or Directed Research for all History and Political Science majors. Qualified majors may avail themselves of Congressional District Office Internships around the state, internships with the Washington Center and Institute for Experiential Learning in Washington, D.C., and internships with national and state historical associations, museums, and historical parks. The Department also sponsors internships with businesses in addition to a wide variety of state and local government offices.

Qualified students have the chance to participate in the Cormier Honors College and the International Studies Program and prestigious student research opportunities such as the Senior Honors Research Program and the Marshall Scholars Program are available. Students may also participate in the study abroad courses offered by Department faculty. Recently, students have traveled to Africa, Greece, France, Spain, and China.

The Department is committed to full participation in the Longwood program for the assessment of student outcomes. History and political science majors are required to complete a comprehensive departmental examination demonstrating academic proficiency in major subjects. Accordingly, majors in both history and political science are required to complete all assessment requirements in the program.

The Department also houses a minor in Leadership Studies for those students who are interested in exploring the theoretical foundations of leadership.

History Program


Phillip A. Cantrell, PhD, Associate Professor of History
David J. Coles, PhD, Professor of History
David A. Geraghty, PhD, Associate Professor of History and Program Coordinator of History and Secondary History Education
William C. Holliday, PhD, Associate Professor of History
Steven W. Isaac, PhD, Professor of History
Tai Johnson, PhD, Assistant Professor of History
Melissa L. Kravetz, PhD, Associate Professor of History
Kyle Meadows, Lecturer
James R. Munson, PhD, Professor of History
Barbara Newton, PhD, Assistant Professor of History
Larissa M. Smith, PhD, Professor of History
Yulia Uryadova, PhD, Assistant Professor of History

Political Science Program


Mary Carver, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science
N. Scott Cole, PhD, Professor of Political Science and Program Coordinator
Scott A. Cook, PhD, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies and Political Science
Eric Hodges, PhD, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Leadership Studies Program


Scott A. Cook, PhD, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies and Political Science


Scott A. Cook, PhD, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies and Political Science
W. Taylor Reveley IV, Professor of Leadership Studies

Philosophy Program


Mark Lukas, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Eric Moore, PhD, Professor of Philosophy
Charles Repp, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Affiliated Department Faculty

Adam Blincoe, PhD, Honors Faculty Scholar, Philosophy
Hannah Dudley-Shotwell, PhD, Honors Faculty Scholar, History


    Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of ScienceBachelor of ArtsMinor

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